Shipwright school blog - tree felling and measuring

February 18, 2014

28 February 2014 – The first stage of the project is now underway, with the felling and measuring of the oak trees ready for transportation to Buckler’s Hard.

Henry Russell and I went out into the wet woods near Buckler’s Hard to check and measure the Oak trees that have been felled last week for the project.

Some of the trees have been cut up ready for transport to Buckler’s hard and are ‘ride side’ i.e., near to the road. Many of the woodland areas are so wet that you cannot get any vehicles in to get the heavy huge tree logs out. What we need is horses! That was the way they did it in the past and even in wet conditions you could chain up the logs to the horses and they would pull them out.

Now the trees have been felled we checked them for ‘shake’ or ‘rot’ and measured the lengths needed for each part of the building. The logs were sprayed with cutting marks and identified for the various timbers needed such as tie beams, purlins and posts.

Next the timber will be taken in the log to Buckler’s Hard ready for hand conversion.

Our course in Hewing and Pit and Trestle sawing will start on 24th March and demonstrations for the public on the 2nd – 4th April. Sign-up, there are still places available.

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