Shipwright school blog - the IBTC students arrive

December 1, 2014

December 2014 – After months of hard work from skilled craftspeople the building is finally complete.

At last the building is complete. The roof is finished, the windows glazed with special 18th century replica glass and doors locked.
The site is cleared up and awaiting the International Boatbuilding Training College to start fitting out the interior for a workshop in March 2015.
People are kindly donating traditional old tools and we are starting to focus on the project ahead. Which boat should we do first, how big, how old, how much, are just some of the questions we are thinking about. We couldn’t have done it without some brilliant craftsmen and women who worked so hard to created this beautiful hand-made exceptional building.

Come and see it for yourself and marvel at its beauty and how they did this all by hand.


 Mary Montagu-Scott

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