Shipwright school blog - the day of the raising

August 2, 2014

2 August 2014 – The long awaited day of the raising of the Shipwright Building arrives.

At last the long awaited day of the raising of the building has arrived. With it many lovely people who came and helped out and also visitors who watched on.
Henry and his team of brother John, Barbara, Hamish, Becca and a host of wonderful volunteers all pitched their tents and set to work on laying out all the pieces of the building. The first pieces started to be assembled and hoisted into place by a traditional ‘gin pole’ from around 11am and amazingly by 6.30pm it was all up!
Morning rain did not deter them although the people watching did run for cover in the pub and cafe! As the sun came out so did the crowds and everyone enjoyed a wonderful day of folk music, peg making, sawing demonstrations and as star attraction watching the rapid progress of the building as it came together.
By 6.30pm the team stopped and the ceremony began. Henry wished to thank the Gods for the beautiful trees and I wished to thank Henry for his beautiful work and dedication to the project and the hard work of the brilliant team of carpenters.

Henry nailed a piece of oak tree to the roof and I smashed a bottle of Beaulieu Rose Wine ( 1984 vintage) from my fathers cellar on the tie beam to launch it like a ship. I banged in one oak nail and was told that for every hit it meant one barrel of beer for the team. Needless to say it took a lot of hits!

A party followed with local beer and impromptu music with all those who had helped and their supportive families. A wonderful day and a truly spectacular building at the end of it.

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